The Switzer Higher Yield Fund (Managed Fund) (SHYF or the Fund) is a zero-duration bond fund which aims to provide investors an attractive cash yield with low capital volatility by investing in a portfolio of high quality and liquid fixed income securities.

The portfolio is managed by Coolabah Capital Institutional Investments (Coolabah), a leading active credit manager with 13 analysts and 5 portfolio managers. Coolabah’s founder and CIO is Christopher Joye, one of Australia’s leading economists, policy advisors, and fund managers, and a regular contributor to The Australian Financial Review.

The performance objective of the portfolio is to provide investors with low-risk, quarterly income, and to deliver total returns which are 1.5% to 3.0% greater than the RBA Cash Rate after fees and expenses on a rolling 12-month basis.

Key Fund Info

Key Fund Facts

Exchange Code SHYF
Responsible Entity AGP Investment Management Limited
Investment Manager Coolabah Capital Institutional Investments
Fund Investments Cash, Credit and Hybrid Securities
Benchmark RBA Overnight Cash Rate +1.50%
Management Fee 0.70%
Performance Fee 20% excess return above the Benchmark after Management Fee
Application/Withdrawal Fee Nill
Distributions Quarterly
Minimum Investment N/A
ARSN 093 248 232