A Global Investing Webinar with WCM

In this global investing webinar, Marty Switzer is joined by Paul Black, Portfolio Manager and Co-CEO of WCM Investment Management. Paul will reveal the global investment themes he sees driving growth over the next few years, as well as WCM’s unique process for picking stocks that has resulted in an impressive history of outperformance. 


1:22 About WCM

2:35 Investment process at WCM and how that differs to other global managers

5:00 Culture and the rising competitive advantage

7:55 How does that differ from a company with a ‘wide moat’

9:24 Consumer, technology and healthcare are the three sectors WCM focuses on. Why?

11:43 What constitutes a great growth company?

13:55 The process WCM uses to assess company culture

17:35 The importance of culture when selecting investments

19:00 WCM’s moat and culture and how it impacts the business and success

22:18 Companies WCM is invested in and why

25:25 Do these companies have great culture from the start or is it something that gets learnt along the way?

28:59 What can investors expect from this strategy in down markets

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