Contango Income Generator March 2020 Investor Conference Call

Investor conference call for Contango Income Generator (ASX:CIE) with Shawn Burns, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Marty Switzer, Director of CIE and CEO of Associate Global Partners.

The slides discussed in this presentation can be downloaded here.


01:19 – With a rapid 20% drop in the market, we’ve entered a Bear market after a 12-year Bull market; have you been surprised at how fast this has taken place?

02:20 – State of the market and how both passive and active products have all been affected

02:50 – How long will this volatility and Bear market last?

04:42 – Current market landscape including the effect of the Coronavirus

06:55 – What does this environment mean for global and local markets?

08:06 – Do you think Government stimulus will be enough?

11:55 – Audience question: Are the companies selected for CIE’s portfolio (underlying investments) likely to reduce their dividend payouts as a consequence of the volatility and associated downturn?

14:18 – Audience question: Do you have a graph of CIE’s comparison against its peers?

16:17 – Audience question: Why not sell everything, move to cash to limit losses and move back at a later date?

18:22 – Audience question: Can you advise how much the dividend will be affected?

19:35 – Discussion on the severe market pullback on the S&P/ ASX 200

20:28 – Discussion on the credit markets and what this means for the equity market

22:47 – Discussion on the Volatility Index

23:41 – How the CIE portfolio is positioned to weather these current market conditions

26:25 – Audience question: In light of the sell off, what is your approach to getting back into the market and where do you see opportunity at the moment?

27:53 – Audience question: Will you reduce your management fee?

28:14 – Outlook for the position of the CIE portfolio

29:07 – Audience question: How much cash do you hold in the portfolio?

29:42 – How do CIE’s profit reserves stand in respect of future dividend payments to shareholders?

30:14 – Closing remarks

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