Contango Income Generator September 2019 Investor Conference Call

Investor conference call for Contango Income Generator (ASX:CIE) with Shawn Burns, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Marty Switzer, Director of CIE and CEO of Associate Global Partners.

0:56 – Macro summary and what we’re seeing in the months ahead
2:44 – Reporting season update for the portfolio
8:29 – Performance of the portfolio to date
13:08 – Examples of some of the mid-cap stocks with reliable income
15:22 – Stocks we like right now

— Audience questions —

17:23 – Why is the CIE share price below the IPO price of $1 per share and what are you doing about it?
21:27 – Why is CIE trading at a discount to NTA?
23:00 – Can we see a share buyback and cancellation of the DRP while the discount remains high?
25:01 – Do you have any view on company payout ratios being too high?
27:35 – Why don’t all directors own CIE?
28:27 – How is the management fee paid to the manager?
31:21 – Changes to investment framework
35:04 – Why CIE is very hard to benchmark
37:44 – How to buy CIE through CHESS
38:08 – With low interest rates, where do you find yield outside of A-REITs and financials in the mid-cap world?
41:07 – Any plans to make the dividends 100% franked?

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