Webinar for Direct Investors: The evolving investment and income opportunity in retail real estate

In this live webinar, Ben Finger, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Haben Property Fund Pty Ltd and Marty Switzer, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Associate Global Partners discuss why retail real estate provides a compelling income opportunity, what Haben looks for when acquiring new assets and how they invest.

DISCLAIMER: This presentation has been prepared by Associate Global Partners Limited (AGP) ABN 56 080 277 998 and AGP Investment Management Limited (AGP IM) ABN 26 123 611 978, AFSL 312247. AGP IM is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGP, a financial services business listed on the ASX (APL).

This webinar is for educational purposes and of a general nature only. It does not constitute personal advice nor an offer of any financial product. It must not be acted on or relied on by persons who are not wholesale investors as defined by Australian legislation. Any investment or investment activity to which this communication relates is available only to relevant persons and will be engaged in only with wholesale investors.

This presentation is not an offer or solicitation, and may not be used or relied upon in connection with any offer or solicitation. An offer or solicitation with respect to Haben Forest Hill Trust (HFHT or the Fund) if made, will be made only through an Information Memorandum to be issued by Haben Property Fund Pty Ltd (Haben). The Information Memorandum will only be available to wholesale investors upon request and will contain, among other things, a description of the risks associated with an investment in HFHT. Investors should have the financial ability and willingness to accept the risk characteristics of an investment in HFHT.

Prospective investors must rely on their own examination of the legal, taxation, financial, and other consequences of investing in HFHT, including the merits of investing and the risks involved. Investors should not treat the content of this webinar and the Information Memorandum as advice relating to legal, taxation or investment matters and are advised to consult their own professional advisers. If a prospective investor is in any doubt as to the suitability of an investment in HFHT, they should refer this to a suitably qualified adviser.

In reviewing any prior performance information contained herein, or in the Information Memorandum, prospective investors should bear in mind that past performance is not indicative of future results, and there is no guarantee that HFHT will achieve comparable results or its investment objectives.