The launch of the Vinva Global Systematic Equities Fund presents Australian retail investors with a new choice in systematic investing. With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and information technology, systematic investment strategies can represent one of the most innovative segments of investor portfolios.

In this whitepaper, you and your clients will get access to:

  • An overview of systematic investing
  • Models and algorithms used in systematic investing
  • Different systematic strategies that can be employed
  • Benefits and challenges of systematic investing
  • The future of systematic investing
  • The Vinva approach

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Vinva Global Systematic Equities Fund – Class C

The Vinva Global Systematic Equities Fund – Class C (the Fund) provides access to a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks listed in developed economies. Based on a systematic investment strategy developed over 20 years,
the Fund seeks to deliver investors consistent outperformance with low volatility though the investment cycle. It may be suitable as a core, style-neutral holding in an investor’s global equity allocation.

The Fund is a global equity portfolio that seeks to outperform its benchmark – the MSCI World ex Australia ex Tobacco ex Controversial Weapons Index (AUD) (the Benchmark).

With over 500 stocks typically held in the portfolio at any time, the fund manager Vinva Investment Management (Vinva) aims to generate outperformance by taking many small active positions.
This incremental approach is intended to promote the consistency of returns against the Benchmark over the investment time horizon.

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Vinva Investment Management

Vinva is an independent and privately owned global investment management firm based in Australia.
It is a pioneer in systematic equity strategies and specialises in long-only, long-short and market neutral strategies across Australia and global equity markets.

The firm was established in 2010, although the origins of the team and style date back to the 1990’s.
It is one of the most reputable and respected fund managers with a track record of performance delivery for over 25 years.

It manages over $20 billion managed in assets across institutional and wholesale clients.

If you would like more information, please speak to a member of the team:

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Head of Wholesale Distribution

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Wholesale & Private Clients - QLD, NT

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Wholesale and Private Clients - VIC, SA, WA