Rebranding to Associate Global Partners Limited

The Responsible Entity (RE), Switzer Asset Management Limited, has changed its name to Associate Global Partners Limited (AGP), effective 20th April 2022. This change is designed to align the name of the RE with our parent company, Contango Asset Management Limited (ASX:CGA), which also intends to change its name subject to a shareholder vote later in 2022. 

The name of the RE is changing as our business has been transitioning from product manufacturer to a distributor over the last few years. In changing our RE name to AGP, this better aligns with our purpose of partnering with leading investment managers to provide a contemporary marketing and distribution platform that offers access to the retail, wholesale, and institutional investment market in Australia. 

The word ‘Associate’ means partnership and our mission is to partner with investment managers and clients for the long term. We seek to build quality relationships, based on trust and the strength of our expertise, and always endeavour to deliver exceptional service and results for our clients. 

Importantly, the name of the Funds will not change, and this will not impact how your money is invested or managed.

DISCLAIMER: Past performance is not a predictor of future returns. This update has been prepared for information purposes only. Any figures provided in this document are unaudited and approximate. This post does not contain investment recommendations nor provide investment advice.

You are strongly encouraged to obtain detailed professional advice and to read any relevant offer document in full before making any investment decision. This is not an offer to invest in any security or financial product.

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