Benefit from a diversified Australian private equity investment that gives you exposure to the best performing funds in the industry and the potential for superior returns of 20% p.a*.

Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 (VPEG5) is a Private Equity Fund of Funds established to provide sophisticated investors with access to some of the top-performing Later Expansion and Buyout Private Equity Funds in Australia.

VPEG5 will continue with the same successful investment strategy adopted by Vantage Asset Management’s (Vantage) previous funds, which at 30 June 2021 had investments across 26 Private Equity funds, who in turn had invested in 140 businesses across multiple industry sectors and had exited (sold) 60 of these investments.

* Pre Tax Post Fees. This targeted return is not a forecast of returns but an indication of the level of return that the Fund will seek to achieve from its investments.

Summary Highlights

  • Targeted Returns of 20% p.a.*
  • Access to Top Tier Private Equity Funds & Co-investments
  • Focused Investment Strategy; Later Expansion & Buyout Only
  • Access ‘progressive call’ investment
  • A Diversified Portfolio of Profitable Australian Private Companies
  • Returns Distributed as Underlying Investments Exited
    Strong and Experienced Management and Investment Committee
  • Opportunity to Redeem Investment After 4 years

* Pre Tax Post Fees. This targeted return is not a forecast of returns but an indication of the level of return that the Fund will seek to achieve from its investments.

More Information

Key Fund Info

Key Fund Facts

Fund Name Vantage Private Equity Growth 5
Investment Manager Vantage Asset Management Pty Limited
Target Size $250 million
Focus Investments in top-tier Australian Private Equity funds investing in profitable companies for expansion & buyout.
Target return 20% p.a. IRR (net of fees)
Fees 1.25% + 10% performance fee over hurdle rate of 15%
Redemptions Quarterly, with 60 days notice, after investment held for a minimum of four years

Source: Vantage Asset Management

Since establishment in 2004, Vantage has developed and managed a Fund of Funds investment strategy focused exclusively on small to mid-market Growth Private Equity. This segment of Private Equity focuses on investments into profitable businesses with proven products and services.

These businesses typically have a strong market position and generate strong cash flows allowing Vantage’s funds to generate strong consistent returns to investors, while significantly reducing the risk of a loss within the portfolio.

A key factor in Vantage’s investment strategy is risk minimization. This is obtained by diversification of underlying investments across a range of parameters including; fund manager, geographic region and industry sector.

VPEG5 will develop a diversified portfolio of underlying investments similar to Vantage’s existing Private Equity funds, which have an emphasis on growth industry sectors including the Healthcare, Consumer, Industrials, Information Technology and Agricultural Products sectors.

Source: Vantage Asset Management

Why Invest

Consistently High Returning Asset Class

Private Equity has consistently outperformed most traditional asset classes. Top-tier Private Equity managers have a track record of delivering superior long-term returns compared with public equities markets, with the added benefit of these returns being achieved with lower volatility.

Increased Portfolio Efficiency

Due to Private Equity’s relatively low correlation with traditional asset classes and superior long-term performance, adding Private Equity to a portfolio of listed stocks and bonds improves the efficiency of that portfolio allowing higher targeted returns for the same level of calculated risk.

Superior Targeted Returns

VPEG5 is targeting a net return of 20% p.a. over a four to six year investment timeframe.

Returns Distributed as Underlying Investments Exited

As investment returns are received by the Fund, they will be distributed to investors within 30 days of receipt by the Fund.

Access ‘Progressive Call’ Investment

Vantage have offered all AGP investors the ability to invest progressively from as little as $100,000, a feature typically reserved for applications over $1m. When an investor applies to the fund, only 5% of the Committed investment is required to be paid on Application, with the remainder paid across the life of the Fund as underlying investments are made.

A Well Diversified Private Equity Investment

VPEG5’s clearly defined Investment Guidelines provide a high level of diversification by strategically allocating its Private Equity Commitments and Investments across fund managers, financing stages, vintage years, industry sectors and geographic regions.

Investment Process and Comittee

Vantage Asset Management systematically follows an underlying fund selection and investment process. For each fund, Vantage evaluates a considerable number of investment opportunities that ultimately result in investments into a limited number of private equity funds and direct co-investments. The Investment Committee ensures consistency of the investment process and adherence to the investment guidelines.

Key investment professionals include:

Michael Tobin

Managing Director of Vantage Asset Management

David Pullin

Director, Investment Committee Member

Rod McGeoch

Investment Committee Chairman (Independent)

Patrick Handley

Investment Committee Member (Independent)

How To Invest

Download the Information Memorandum
Download the Information Memorandum

Download and read the Information Memorandum.

Complete the Application Form
Complete the Application Form

The application form can be accessed via the link below. Please contact 1300 052 054 if you require assistance.

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