WCM International Small Cap Growth Fund

The WCM International Small Cap Growth Fund (the Fund) is an Australian managed investment scheme investing in global equities.

The Fund provides wholesale investors with access to a high conviction, actively managed diversified portfolio of listed, quality, high growth small capitalisation companies sourced from developed (ex-US) and emerging markets.


Why Invest

Proven world class manager

WCM has an outstanding long-term track record of global equity management. Their International Small Cap Growth strategy has outperformed the MSCI ACWI ex US Small Cap Index by an annualised 11.1% since its inception in 2014. Consistency of performance has been a large factor behind the firm managing assets on behalf of many of the world’s biggest pension plans including a number of large Australian superannuation funds. To learn more, click here.

Unique Investment Process

WCM’s two key criteria for any company to be considered for inclusion in the International Small Cap Growth strategy are: 1) a rising competitive advantage (or expanding economic moat) and 2) a corporate culture that supports the expansion of this moat. WCM believes the direction of a company’s economic moat is of more importance than its absolute width or size.

Active all-weather portfolio

A key to building long-term wealth is to maximise participation in rising markets while limiting the impact of market weakness. The fund has been designed as an ‘all weather one’ capable of strong relative performance in both up and down markets. WCM’s focus on high quality companies with expanding moats is a proven approach for achieving this objective. This is evidenced by their International Small Cap Growth strategy having delivered downside capture of 57% since inception, meaning the portfolio has experienced on average 57% of the loss of the benchmark during market declines. To read more, click here.

High conviction, long-only portfolio

WCM’s investment strategy is to construct and maintain a high conviction, actively managed long-only equities portfolio invested in listed securities of developed market (ex-US) and emerging market smaller market capitalisation companies. The Fund will be invested in quality international growth businesses with high returns on invested capital, superior growth prospects and low debt that are fundamentally attractively valued. The portfolio will typically comprise between 50 and 70 securities.

Quality International Stocks

WCM’s focus on quality international stocks with expanding economic moats leads it towards high growth sectors such as technology, healthcare and consumer. For Australian investors this provides significant diversification benefits, as these sectors represent a relatively small proportion of the local market. The WCM International Small Cap Growth Fund has a relatively low exposure to banks and basic resources, the two heavyweight sectors in the ASX.

Gain exposure to small-cap international companies

The Fund provides investors with exposure to developed (ex-US) and emerging market listed, smaller companies, industries and sectors that are limited or unavailable in Australia. Adding an allocation to international small cap growth may deliver diversification benefits to your investment portfolio.

How To Invest

Download the Information Memorandum
Download the Information Memorandum

Download and read the Information Memorandum (IM)