Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 | Frequently Asked Questions

This post covers the most frequently asked questions regarding Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 (VPEG5 or the Fund).

1. What is the performance objective of the Fund?
VPEG5 is targeting a 20% IRR1 to investors over a four to six-year time frame.

2. What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment for the Fund is $100,000. Only a portion of committed investment is called on application. Remainder called as investments are sourced.

3. What are ‘progressive calls’?
Vantage have offered all Associate Global Partners Limited (Contango) investors the ability to invest progressively from as little as $100,000, a feature that is typically reserved for applications in excess of $1m. This means that when an investor applies to invest in the Fund, only a portion of the committed capital is required to be paid on application. The remainder of the committed capital is paid across the life of the Fund when a capital call is issued as underlying investments are made. Investors have eight business days to meet a capital call. The amount an investor is required to pay on application depends on how many investments have been made in the fund at the time of the application.

4. What does the Fund invest in?
The Fund will invest in top-tier Private Equity funds focused on investing in the growth capital and buyout stages of mid-market Private Equity in Australia, plus co-investments alongside top-tier Private Equity funds. The Fund will provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of profitable Australian private companies.

5. What is the relationship between Vantage and Associate Global Partners (AGP)?
AGP is an ASX-listed fund manager with a marketing and distribution platform that partners with, and promotes high-quality fund managers to our audience of investors. AGP is a distribution partner of Vantage Asset Management.

6. How and when can I access my money?
Redemptions will be available quarterly with 60 days’ notice after investment is held for a minimum of four years.

7. How often is income paid?
As investment returns are received by the Fund, they will be distributed to investors within 30 days of receipt by the Fund.

8. What are the fees?
The management fee is 1.25% p.a. There is a performance fee of 10% above a hurdle rate of 15% (after management fee, calculated on a whole of fund basis). While the fees of the underlying funds vary, Vantage have negotiated institutional fee deals with the funds VPEG5 will be investing in.

9. Can I add to my investment later on?
You will be able to top up your investment after the ‘first close’ on 17 December 2021. The final close will be 17 December 2023.

11. Can an SMSF invest?
Yes, self-managed super funds can invest in VPEG5 provided the beneficial owner(s) qualify as wholesale investors.

12. How do I invest?
To invest, complete an application form via the ‘Invest Now’ button on our website. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or cheque.

If you have any further questions regarding VPEG5, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 1300 001 750 or via email at

1Internal Rate of Return or IRR. The IRR is the net return earned by investors and is calculated as an annualized effective compounded rate of return using monthly cash flows to and from investors.

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